Sublimate Your Aggressive Energy Through a Positive Way

Within evolution of human civilization, there have been dramatic changes. There has been a continual change in attitudes, practices, rituals, and manners. A tremendous change in human behavior resulted in a revolutionary change in the civilization. As for the behavior, the foremost thing that brings the change and is important to excel is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can be called a form of excitement or anger in some ways. Especially when we take it in a positive sense. Taking it in a negative way, it is aggression, madness and ultimately destruction.

As attitudes evolved, aggressiveness and rage changed into energy with the coming up of civility. Now, in the present era, with a lot of civilizations existing on one small planet, we see no clear difference in that specific attitude. There are still two aspects that are a positive one and a negative one even within the same civilization. The thing is how to change that negative state into a civil state. For a lot of us, anger is a form of energy as we usually hold the same opinion for this. People who have a lot of verve and gusto are more likely to excel than those who are listless. Your verve gives your mind, energy to work well. It increases your creativity as well.

If our temperament is likely to change every time we encounter the things against our will, we gain a lot of energy in the form of anger. This energy should be sublimated and this can be done in a lot of ways. The most important and beneficial way to sublimate it is to use it in one’s interest. Our interests and goals demand energy. If we fulfill the task of our interest with zest we are able to excel in it. Putting our energy, which comes from anger, into our interest or goal is possible because we like to do it.

Interest lightens up the mood and with the completion of it, we are likely to release and use our entire angry attitude that would otherwise be destructive. Destruction does not release anger, it gives rise to it. So the best thing we can do is to make the best use of our own brain. Our thought can make the best or worst use of us. We should think in a positive way. Anger takes over our brain. Educating our mind and having a good control of our emotions can work miracles.

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